In addition to this theme, I have developed some plugins.

Flexible Spacer Block

Flexible Spacer Block

Flexible Spacer Block switches the height of the spacer according to the device screen width (breakpoints).
This block has two variable breakpoints, and you can adjust the height of the spacer for smartphones, tablets, and desktops respectively.
The height of the spacers can be changed individually or in batches.
Also available to set “negative space (negative margin)” instead of the normal space.
And this block supports transform from and to core spacer block.



Negative space” narrows the margins both blocks above and below the spacer, and it is also possible to overlap the blocks.
If unintended overlap occurs, add a CSS class named “fsb-style-show-front” to the block you want to show in the front.
To apply the CSS class to the block, click on the block on WordPress editor, and check the block settings on the right for the Advanced setting ,then enter the CSS class.

RichText Extension

RichText Extension

This plugin extends Gutenberg’s rich text editor and provides a useful feature in the toolbar.
This plugin is available in the official directory.



RichText Extension ( Highlighter )
RichText Extension ( Highlighter )

Draw a marker on the inline text.
You can set the color, thickness, and opacity of the marker to you can create various marker styles.
Up to four types of settings can be made.

Font size

RichText Extension ( Font Size )
RichText Extension ( Font Size )

Change inline text size.
The size is specified as a percentage of the base font size, and up to four types of settings can be made.


Create underline.

Clear format

Removes all formatting.