In addition to the basic customizer features such as custom logos, menus and widgets, this theme includes extensions such as the following :


Customizer setting (Color)

There are multiple color skins available, so even those who are not design savvy can change the design of the site to their liking.
If you can’t find a skin you like, you can also adjust the colors individually.

The color property consists of Background color, Main text color, Accent color, and Link text color.
By changing the color of each property, you can change the color of the corresponding element individually.

In addition, “Enable border text” option has been added to make the text stand out from the background color.
If you feel that the border text is annoying, disable it.

Header Setting

Customizer setting (Header)

Set whether the search bar is displayed at the top right of the header or not, and whether the SNS icon is displayed at the bottom of the header title or not.

Footer Setting

Customizer setting (Footer)

Set whether the SNS icon is displayed in the footer or not and change the credit text.

Sidebar Setting

Customizer setting (Sidebar)

This theme has a sidebar and you can set the sidebar position ( left or right ).
Of course you can also disable it.

you can activate the sidebar by page type, or change the position of the sidebar for each page using the provided page templates.

Archive Page setting

Customizer setting (Archive Page)

Set the image displayed on the archive page when there is no thumbnail image attached to the post.

SNS Setting

Customizer setting (SNS)

Set SNS icon links displayed in the header or footer.
You can set up to five icons.
Don’t forget to check the “Display SNS icon” in the header or footer section after you’ve set it up.

Mobile Setting

Customizer setting (Header)

Set whether or not to display the search bar at the bottom of the menu when you open the drawer menu on mobile page.