v1.3.0 has been released

  • 2022.01.29
  • update

I’ve updated the theme to v1.3.0.
And you will receive theme update notifications.

In this version, I’ve mainly fixed the problems that occurred in WordPress 5.6.

Don’t forget to update WordPress core to the latest version at the same time you upgrade the theme.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this theme.

Changelog from v1.2.1


  • Fix: Fine tuning of embed blocks
  • Add: Indivisual block margin-bottom style
  • Add: embed block style


  • Fix: Fine tuning of all widgets, some blocks, comment tag style
  • Fix: add classic style(table, definition list, inline quotes)
  • Clean: Remove indivisual block margin-bottom style
  • Add: Comment content tag style
  • Add: Style for password protected post
  • Change: post meta component layout


  • Clean: Update npm packages, change the scss directory structure, and refactor the development environment
  • Fix: Problem about skin color is not applied to a tag in the editor
  • Fix: Fine tuning of all blocks